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Innovation Business Technology College:The Great Lakes practice first film school.

IBTC is proud to be the first and only film, design school in The Great Lakes offering short courses in full package include script writing, camera manipulation, light in film, and sound in film and editing. It was established in 2012 as school despite it’d actually worked in the field as company. Now days it has trained a wealth of talented graduates, many of whom are now employed across Rwanda’s rapidly expanding film, house of production and television industry. People have so many different conceptions of what a machine could be. Through practical workshops of theoretical studies IBTC equips students with a broad knowledge and a full understanding of filmmaking, whilst allowing students to specialize in the area of their personal interest and to develop individual professional skills.

Our Programs

Web Design

We Teach Web Design program to provides students with the necessary skills and training to enter and succeed in the dynamic world of web design, digital media and website development. This program helps students develop technical, creative and business capabilities which can lead to a career web design and development, advertising, and digital marketing. If you are ready for a successful new career in e-commerce, computer illustration, and interface design, or want the skills to progress in the world of web and multimedia design, join IBTC FILM SCHOOL’s Web design program.

Graphic Design

Graphic design help you to know to use Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and adobe Indesign. These softwares should help you to be skilled of making any kind of design such as banners, Logos design, photo design, photo frame, flyers, billboards, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, annuals,posters, greeting cards, paper bags, wrappers, books, folders, office forms, invitations, letterheads, fancy boxes, calendars, executive diaries, promotional items like: T-shirts, bags, air freshener, caps jackets/raincoat, throw pillows, towels, billboards, signage, Streamer etc… using computer.


We teach professional filmmaking in different field weather documentary or fiction film with the professional skills in directing, cinematography, editing with the most professional software like avid media composer, premier pro ,final cut and Vegas pro. Sound designing and sound engineering using professional software like adobe audition, logic pro and pro tools. Animation for film with after effect and cinema 4D ,visual structuring and effect. Scripting and storytelling, costume designing ,make up and set decoration, designing.

Our happy student

“Taking IBTC Film and Design School’s Film Making course was a good experience and well worth the time and money. The modules were easy to follow, the instructors were very helpful and encouraging, and I really enjoyed working on the assignments. I especially enjoyed watching the clips from famous directors and cinematographers.”

Humble MANZI

“IBTC Film and Design School’s Graphic Design course stretched my creativity and challenged me (in a nice way). As a previously self-taught computer-bound designer, I certainly made friends with my pencils and sketching pad.
The Graphic Design School course is brilliant – it gave me the flexibility to explore the design world and gain new skills while managing a very busy family and work life.Within the academic 3 month I had received some job offers waiting for me when I finish, so I look forward to my future”


“Here at IBTC Film and Design School The teaching method is perfect for the material. The instructors keep their knowledge cutting edge and each have a respectful resume chock full of experience. I am gratefull that i had to pick one thing to say aboutIBTC Film and Design School it would be that the quality of instruction, choice of topics and teaching methods are extremely consistent; there wasn’t one day of one class that I felt let down. That’s amazing.
And now after my 3 months course in Web Design am able to develop all kind of website in good and interactive design thanks to IBTC”


IBTC Film and Design School is an exclusive design school with international mix of students from all around the africa. I am fond of Rwandan culture and language and wanted to study graphics, hence it was my best choice.
Since the number of students in each class is small, there is great amount of one to one interaction between students and teachers therefore students can take more advantage.
After my 3 months course. My options are to get a job in the Graphic Design industry, and I believe I can get succeess in my future career.

Jean D’Amour UMUKIZA

“IBTC Film and Design School has been a blessing to me. I don’t want to lie, the journey was a highly emotional one and I never thought I’d make it through but I made it through as IBTC has such a detailed course structure that guides you to glory. The folks at LFS are passionate at what they do and the passion is contagious. I can safely say I truly am a better Filmmaker.”


“IBTC Film and Design School is the ideal stepping stone; I love how it takes you through the entire Film Making process. Learning the technical side was appealing and the course exceeded my expectations. The tutors are experienced and incredibly knowledgeable. IBTC Film and Design School opened a whole new world for me.”


This Graphic Design School course is brilliant – it gave me the flexibility to explore the design world and gain new skills while managing a very busy family and work life. It drew out all my creative tendencies and now I really do see the world differently.
The tutors, admin and support staff are fantastic – they have real industry experience, are on top of their game and very supportive.
You don’t feel like you’re studying alone. Doing the IBTC Film and Design School design course has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.


“Since coming to IBTC Film and Design School I have found that my technical skills have expanded a lot. I can now take my vision and make it a reality with the all web designing aspects. Having some basic knowledge in color theory, design and composition, and typography helps me make smarter design choices.”


I live in Rubacu, Eastearn Procvince. I work all week days, so studying oin the week-end at my own pace was a really great way to get into design. I now work as a freelance designer.
The IBTC Film and Design School course was a fantastic experience, I’ve learnt so much, met some awesome people and was supported all the way by the wonderful team at IBTC Film and Design School.


“Since starting learning Web Design at IBTC Film and Design School, my understanding of both the technologies and the theories behind design has greatly improved. Having a stronger handle on what I’m doing has given me a lot more confidence in my designing, allowing me to push myself and experiment more.”


The great thing about IBTC Film and Design School and their Graphic Design course is that you can take it anywhere with you and it fits in nicely with the rest of life.
I now work as a freelance designer in my hometown of Huye. A town that constantly inspires me and thanks to the course and all the lovely people at IBTC Film and Design School I now see everything with a fresh pair of eyes.

Justine RUSARO

“It is amazing for me, when i came at IBTC Film School i had hesitation thinking that i wouldn’t be able to learn Film Making in only 3 months, fortunately as the time passed i saw that IBTC is really the best in the film industry. To day i perform very well cinematography and Graphic design issues thanks to IBTC Film school”


“Experience, experience, experience! IBTC Film School gave me the opportunity to work with other like-minded creative exciting people. When i started i really like photography and after finishing i am a professional photographer and i was even able to get a job, all this come from my 3 months at IBTC Film School”


“IBTC Film School was the first exposure I got to any kind of formal education in filmmaking. It was my “ABC’s” – the first steps I took to make movies professionally. There’s no doubt that what I learned at IBTC Film School helped me in the cinema industry.”


“I have been studding MPC (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry), When i finished my education i couldn’t get a job easily because when applying for a job i hadn’t any other specific knowledge but after finishing my studies in IBTC Film and Design School Rwanda branch, it helped me to perform well the content of cinematography and design issues which made me a professional in digital industry”


I really  needed a certificate in the career of cinema which is “FILM MAKING” to boost my career. i am very happy that IBTC Film School offers this option beacuse such opportunities were not available primitively in my country.



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